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“Does my dryer vent need cleaned?” »

“Does my dryer vent need cleaned?”

The simple answer is “yes.” The fact is everyone’s dryer needs cleaned. If you have not had someone out to thoroughly clean and remove all the lint, starting from the outside vent cover all the way inside the dryer itself, then you need to have this done.

Everyone’s dryer vent needs cleaned due to the flammable nature of dryer lint. According to findings, approximately 40% of all lint bypasses the dryer lint trap and ends up stuck further in the vent pipe or flex. Does this mean your dryer doesn’t work well? No. It just means that no system is flawless.

In America, this is a growing concern for insurance companies and is quickly becoming a solution to decreasing home fires. The fact is, that 15,500 fires and up to 97 million dollars in damages* occur annually due to negligent maintenance of dryers. –*According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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“What is running down my pipe?” »

pipe_direction-2.jpgWhat is running down my pipe?”

–OR– “Is my stove pipe backward?”

Often we will see a wood stove, where the chimney pipe has been installed backward due to a misunderstanding of the nature of smoke and pipe installation.

Often the thought is that the pipe should be installed with the male end pointing upward to prevent smoke from escaping through the pipe seams. This is a false thought since the nature of smoke is not to find the quickest escape route but to follow the main flow or draft of air.

Chimney pipe should be installed with the female end pointing upward with the male end downward. (Illustration to the right)

This provides for the minimal, yet inevitable, draining of creosote down the inner walls of the pipe. Creosote gathers on the inside walls of the pipe and when the fire reaches a certain temperature will run or drain down the walls. With a proper installation this will never be visible on the outside of the pipe. This also keeps dust and soot from escaping the pipe at the seams.

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pipe_direction-11.jpg pipe_direction-12.jpg

“How often should I have my chimney cleaned?” »

chimneysmoking.jpg“How often should I have my chimney cleaned?”

Many think we have a specific answer to this question but it comes down to this: it depends on how you burn, how much wood you burn, how cured (dry) your wood is, and how hot you burn your fires.

We believe it is important to have your wood burning unit checked and/or cleaned once a year or once every 1 to 2 cords of wood burned. If you’re burning more than 2 cords your chimney may need cleaned twice a year!

If your firewood is not cured or dried out properly this will also increase creosote build up. If you keep your wood stove or fireplace burning hot, then soot will not be as likely to build up as quickly as it will when the fire is dampered down for the night. We recommend that you don’t damper your unit down too much but keep the unit burning until the fire is completely out.

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